Our “Super Cute” Little Bags

It’s what’s inside that counts.

Does the package matter?

In a word; yes. We chose those envelopes (despite their cost) because they reflected the high quality of the organic product they would contain. There are other spice businesses that use little cellophane bags that are filled by a hopper measuring and filling the “tube” of plastic and making packages by crimping, sealing and cutting the then segmented tube of herbs into bags. The process makes me think of making taffy. By the way, every concept reminds me of food in some way. I like to think that is charming. People just tell me its effective. We all understand food. The little plastic tubes, flattened by the crimping process are cheap to package and designed for a mechanized process. We made a conscious decision to be low-tech in our processes, to do our work by hand, with care, so we could closely guard the quality of what we were packaging. We don’t dump a bag of herb into a hopper and walk away. We hand scoop and weigh our product on a certified commercial scale, usually while talking or watching Netflix.

So, why didn’t we just do what others do, put a nice label on a cellophane baggie of product and save about 15 to 20 cents per bag? Image was our original reason: quality outside means you can expect quality inside. The bags, we discovered, did a lot more than look good. Those “super cute” little bags protect the contents better than anything else we have tried. The bags are made of homey kraft paper that reminds me of the rolls of paper at my grandparents’ country store that were used to wrap packages.

My Grandparents’ Store … It was “Super Cute”, Too.

Our “super cute” (a customer called them that and I refuse to call them anything else) bags are lined with food grade plastic that ensures you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into your food. Yes, I would like to avoid plastic, but the natural, flavourful oils from the products need more than kraft paper to protect them. I have put English lavender in our bag and you can’t smell it. Put that same lavender in a zippered baggie and you will wonder where the air freshener is plugged in. True story. If you can smell the product, the freshness is NOT sealed in.

Why not bottles?

The presence of air is one of the conditions that causes botanicals to degrade. The problem with bottles is, as your herbs and spices are used up, you add damaging air to the container. Glass doesn’t flatten to allow you to squeeze out the excess air. We strongly recommend you purchase and store your herbs and spices in resealable plastic lined bags, like ours, and push out the excess air after each use.

Our new customers would often say, “I love your spices. I don’t know how old mine are, so I am going to throw them all out and start fresh with yours.” When one such conversation started, Chris jumped in with, “That’s what is great about our packages. They are small, so you buy JUST ENOUGH. You will buy more frequently, ensuring fresher product, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to set up a full spice cupboard.” When the new customer mentioned she had no idea how old her spices were, he added, “Our packages are made with paper, so you can write the date of purchase on the back of the envelope.”


That’s why we are in L.O.V.E. with our “super cute” little bags and we think you’ll love them, too.

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