L.O.V.E. Organic Farmers


Photo courtesy of Dave Cooper (davecooperphoto.com) Dave’s been nice to us. Check out his site.

  • Farmers who use organic practices are the stewards of our soil. By increasing demand for their organic food and non-food products like cotton and bamboo fibres, we build the economic viability of organic farming. At L.O.V.E., we believe we vote with our money for the kind of world we want.  By buying organic, we vote for more organic farms and fewer factory farms.
  • Buying local makes sense.  However, many kitchen staples like vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg are not able to be sourced from Canadian farms.  Farmers in some countries need the protection of Fairtrade Certification to ensure an appropriate price for their crops. L.O.V.E. sources our imported items from Organic and Fairtrade certified sources whenever possible.