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There is debate about the benefits of organic foods.  Here are a few links we find helpful:

Are organic foods more nutritious?

Pro Organic: Healthier meat and milk

Neutral: No discernable difference

Are organic foods safer?

Pro Organic: Pesticide effects on humans

Neutral: Health Canada weighs in

Health Canada’s site essentially says that pesticides are not a concern for food consumers in Canada. However, pesticides must be registered, reviewed every 15 years and are to have their application limited. Accidents or pesticide packaging malfunctions must be reported.

If pesticides are so innocuous, why do they need to be controlled?

“Under the guidance of international organizations like the OECD and the United Nations, Health Canada participates with other countries in developing the standards and processes used worldwide for determining acceptable pesticide residue levels.”

If pesticides are so innocuous, why do they need risk assessment?

“Regulating Pesticides and Assessing Risks

Health Canada’s website December 20, 2016

Final Word:

We only know, for certain, that pesticide use is limited and organic farming pest control methods are not. We know that pesticide misuse is required to be reported. Are pesticides a significant risk to our health? That doesn’t have a clear answer, it seems.  But we do know that we, alone, are truly responsible for overseeing our health.